Atzypios 1

Prosopography of the Byzantine Empire
FloruitM VIII
PmbZ No.691
Textual SourcesVita Stephani Iunioris, by Stephanus Diaconus (BHG 1666), ed. M.-F. Auzépy, La Vie d'Etienne le Jeune par Étienne le diacre. Introduction, édition et traduction (Aldershot, 1997); PG 100. 1069-1186 (hagiography)

Atzypios 1 was named among the iconoclast leaders attacked by John of Damascus (Ioannes 11) and others (τὸν φιλοδαίμονα Ἀτζύπιον): Vita Steph. Iun. 126.9 (1120A). The others named in this passage are Sisinnios 27, Basilios 29 and, probably, Konstantinos 73, all prominent iconoclasts; Atzypios 1 may be identical with Ioannes 140. Atzypios was evidently a nickname; see Auzépy, n. 203. Cf. Atzuppius 1 and see also Kabalos 1.

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