Atzuppius 1

Prosopography of the Byzantine Empire
FloruitM VIII
PmbZ No.690
Rome (birthplace)
Textual SourcesLiber Pontificalis, ed. L. Duchesne, Le liber pontificalis. Texte, introduction et commentaire, 2 vols. (Paris, 1886-92); re-issued with 3rd vol. by C. Vogel, (Paris, 1955-57) (chronicle)

Atzuppius 1 was the father of pope Leo III (Leo 11): Lib. Pont. 98. 1 ("Leo, natione Romanus, ex patre Atzuppio"). He was presumably a native of Rome, like his son. For the name, cf. Atzypios 1. His wife was perhaps called Elisabeth; see Beck, "Die Herkunft des Papstes Leo III", in Frühmittelalterliche Studien: Jahrbuch des Instituts fur Frühmittelalterforschung der Universität Münster III (1969), 136, reprinted in Beck, Ideen und Realitäten in Byzanz (Variorum, 1972), VII.

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