Anonymus 626

Prosopography of the Byzantine Empire
FloruitM/L IX
Textual SourcesVita Michaelis Syncelli (BHG 1296), ed. M. Cunningham, The Life of Michael Synkellos , Belfast Byzantine Texts and Translations 1 (Belfast, 1991) (hagiography)

Anonymus 626 was the author of the Life of Michael Synkellos (Michael 51); his sources of information are said to have been Michael 51's relations and acquaintances, his companions and disciples, and also surviving associates of "the tyrant" (referring to Theophilos 5): Vita Mich. Sync. 39. The latter perhaps included Ioannes 5 grammatikos; cf. Cunningham, The Life of Michael Synkellos, p. 173, note 228.

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