PBE Identity Name Index

The PBE Index of Names provides a complete list of individuals found in PBE. For more information about how individuals are identified in PBE click here. This index provides an alphabet choice in the purple banner-header. Choosing one of the letters by pointing and clicking will produce a break-down listing of that initial letter plus a second letter combination in the form 'A', 'Aa', 'Ab' and so forth.

'Pointing and clicking' on one of the double-letter combinations produces an alphabetical list of names in the pink, left-hand area of the screen, followed by a list of all the individuals who are identified by that name. 'Clicking' on one of the names loads the corresponding PBE I biographical record.

When reading a PBE I biographical record on the white, right-hand, side of the screen, one may encounter other PBE I individuals mentioned - in the form of a highlighted, underlined PBE I identity names.  If one 'points and clicks' on such a highlighted, underlined PBE I identity name, the PBE I biographical record for that individual is displayed in the white, right-hand area of the screen, replacing the one already there. One may return to the previous PBE I biographical record by 'pointing and clicking' on the highlighted, underlined PBE I identity name of the original individual (the highlighting will be in a different colour, showing that that PBE I biographical record has already been accessed); or by pressing the Back button on the web browser (further information on the functions of individual browsers will be found in the documentation which accompanied the software). This process may be repeated ad lib., though scholars are advised to take a record of the sequence of PBE I individuals' records they access this way, as it is often difficult to reproduce the same sequence on a subsequent occasion.

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